Sorting Orders and Future Projects

This week I’ve been quite busy with life, and not much crochet! I had a couple of Etsy orders to sort out but I haven’t been up to much else crochet-wise other than this small bag/pouch. I love how colourful it is and the size of it. It’s the perfect size for a phone, and a small purse!

The past week I’ve been coming up with some new plans for projects. Now we’re coming into the autumn I want to start making some cosy jumpers, blankets and possibly hats & scarves. Below is a blanket I made at the start of this year, it is also the first blanket that I ever made.

The first blanket I ever made. Pattern by Easy Crochet – Free Chevron Crochet Blanket. Yarn is Women’s Institute Soft & Chunky Yarn

I’m also thinking that I’ll make some autumnal and Halloween themed amigurumi. If you have any ideas that you’d like to see do let me know!

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