Welcome to Peach Ginkgo Crafts! Here you’ll find photos of my items, updates on my projects and occasionally free patterns.

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  • Mandala Flower Crochet Pattern
    Hi there – I’m back! Sorry about the break I’ve had from this blog, I’ve been busy over the past few months, job hunting, crochet projects and life in general! But I’ve returned with a crochet pattern for my mandala flowers. These flowers measure around 10cm / 4 inches wide, so they look so cute strung together as a garland. They are also the perfect size for using as a coaster – but they may not offer complete protection against moisture due to the holes,… Continue reading Mandala Flower Crochet Pattern
  • Autumnal Collection
    I’ve been quite busy over the past weeks, designing and making so didn’t get around to making a blog post but I’m here for a little update! I’ve put together an autumn range, including Pumpkin Earrings, Acorn & Oak Leaf Earrings and an Acorn & Oak Leaf Garland. I’m such a fan of autumn and everything related to it. I love the shades of the leaves and the colours of the pumpkins. On these October days I like to stay cosy, wearing a pair of… Continue reading Autumnal Collection
  • Hilda the Tortoise
    I finished this little tortoise the other day, and I named her Hilda. I love her sleepy expression and flowers on her shell! I made this pattern up as I went and I’m pleased with how it turned out. I want to share some of the patterns I have created on this blog soon. I am new to writing up patterns so I will keep working on it and learning. I’ve been working on some coasters at the start of this week. I’ve liked making… Continue reading Hilda the Tortoise
  • Sorting Orders and Future Projects
    This week I’ve been quite busy with life, and not much crochet! I had a couple of Etsy orders to sort out but I haven’t been up to much else crochet-wise other than this small bag/pouch. I love how colourful it is and the size of it. It’s the perfect size for a phone, and a small purse! The past week I’ve been coming up with some new plans for projects. Now we’re coming into the autumn I want to start making some cosy jumpers,… Continue reading Sorting Orders and Future Projects
  • Forget-Me-Not Flowers
    This week I’ve been quite busy completing orders! I had an order of 3 sunflowers to send off which was exciting! I’ve also been experimenting with different designs of flowers. I refined my Forget-Me-Not flower design and have added them to my Etsy shop. I also experimented with some designs of cherry blossom inspired flower earrings to give to a friend. I’m not completely happy with the centre colours but I’ll keep working on it! For the next week, I’ll be working on some custom… Continue reading Forget-Me-Not Flowers
  • Colourful mushrooms & more
    It’s been a while since I posted on here! It’s been quite a busy couple months and I’ve been focusing on building my Instagram (which is now at 600 followers!!) and Etsy (where I’ve had 15 sales). I thought I’d do a little update on here on what I’ve been up to. I’ve made more flowers earrings, 2 crochet tops, and a few mini mushrooms which I’ve turned into a garland! Thank you for reading! Do follow me on Instagram – @peachginkgocrafts Search for me… Continue reading Colourful mushrooms & more
  • First Blog Post!
    How Exciting! The beginning of Peach Ginkgo Crafts. I want to share my passion for crochet, and share my patterns and creations. I hope to expand my skills and learn a lot! I hope you’ll be there on my journey. Stay tuned for more content! Happy Crocheting! 🙂